The idea of forming the Lodge germinated in the minds of a few Brethren resident in and around the Langside, Glasgow, area in the belief that there was scope and justification for it.

Sixty interested Brethren mainly comprising local businessmen, local government officials and artisans, representative of Lodges within and outwith the Province gathered and a meeting was held in the Unionist Rooms in Cathcart, Glasgow. The Lodges represented were Pollockshaws Royal Arch, The Gael, Clydesdale, Oatlands and the Glasgow Star. Bro. Belford Stephen, Provincial Grand Treasurer also attended in an advisory capacity.

At this meeting the following resolution was passed:

"That a new Lodge to be named Battlefield be formed and that the meetings be held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month within the Langside Halls"9th. November 1920.

Accordingly the Grand Lodge of Scotland was petitioned for a Charter, Lodge Clydesdale and Lodge Oatlands being the sponsors.

Further meetings took place to determine the lines on which the Lodge should function viz. Regalia, Furnishings, Fees, Crest, Motto and so on. As was to be expected these meetings "were often attended with heated argument and divergent views". Everyone, naturally, considered their own Mother Lodge's customs best and when the name of Battlefield had been adopted, the inevitable remark was passed as to the aptness of the title.

Eventually agreement was reached on the following points:

That the form of ritual be based on the Goudielock version.

That furnishings and other paraphernalia be acquired by subscriptions, fund raising schemes and by presentations from members.

The Crest and Motto were largely the creation of Bro. Thomas C. Smith, our second Master, who played a great part in the development of the Lodge, serving for some time as Lodge Secretary and being instrumental in forming and leading the first Class of Instruction.

The Crest is largely emblematic of the Battle of Langside and the Motto "Deo Adjuvante Non Timendum"means "God Keeping Nothing Fearing".

The Lodge colour, the Royal Stewart Tartan was also chosen by virtue of its association with the aforementioned part of local history.

During the discussion on the style of Apron, a suggestion that it be edged with gilt braid was dismissed by the indignant retort from James Denholm (Mother Lodge: The Gael)

"The tartan needs no embellishment"

It was agreed that the Fee should be £3, and so the Lodge started out with a General Fund of £180

All these endeavours came to fruition, when at the Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland the Charter was granted and dated 5th. May 1921 and on Tuesday 24th. May, the Consecration, Election and Installation of Office Bearers took place within Langside Halls.

Bro. A.A. Haggard Speirs, Provincial Grand Master and Provincial Grand Lodge Office Bearers presided.

Our first Office Bearers:

Master: Walter L. Thomson                            Architect: Alexander Cumming

Depute Master: Thomas C Smith                    Jeweller: John S. Robertson

Substitute Master: J. Denholm                       Bible Bearer: D.C. McGregor

Senior Warden: David H. Bryson                   Dir. of Cere's: D.H. Hannan  

Junior Warden: H.K. Fraser                          Dir. of Music: Wm. Andrews

Secretary: James B. McArther                      P.G. Steward: A. McLachlan

Treasurer: Wm. S. Cranston                          Senior Steward: James Young

Ben. Fund Treas.: Arthur W.Bell                   Junior Steward: Sept. Wigley

Chaplain: John G. Christie                             Standard Bearer: J.K.Munro

Senior Deacon: Thos.M.Martin                      Inner Guard: William Mitchell

Junior Deacon: Alex P. Anderson                  Tyler: William G.Hannan

Some notable dates:

May 1971. The Lodge's Jubilee Year.

Office Bearers from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow carried out a Re-Dedication Ceremony. In the 'Chair' for the meeting was the R.W.M. Bro. Norman McKendrick.

24th. May 1996. The Lodge's 75th. Anniversary.

A Re-Dedication Ceremony was held in the Trades Hall, Glasgow. The Provincial Grand Master Bro. George A.L.McEwan, assisted by a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow carried out the ceremony.

 In the 'Chair' for the meeting was the R.W.M. Bro. Robert Forbes assisted by the Office Bearers and Brethren of the Lodge.